Friday, August 1, 2008

Reese's 2nd Birthday

We had Reese's birthday party at Westwood Gymnastics where she participates in a Mommy and Me class each week. She had so much fun with her friends and family and it was a great turn out. We had her birthday party a month early because I didn't know if I was going to go into labor early or not. Plus, I didn't want to be huge and trying to participate in her gymnastics.

Every year I want to make it a tradition to get Reese a Reese's peanut butter decorated cake for her birthday. We usually do something seperate for her actual birthday with just family and then she has a birthday party. She absolutely loves cake! What kid doesn't???

We had to have a family get together the day after her birthday because I was at the hospital in false labor on her actual birthday. I felt bad for missing out on the day with her and I guess it would be cool if Reese and Remme had the same birthday, but I am glad they have their own special day!

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