Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Little Bowler

This weekend was packed full of birthday parties! Happy Birthday to Jacob, Dalton, Sienna, and Sarah! We were only able to hit two of them, but we were still partied out! Reese bowled for the first time at her cousin Jacob's 6th birthday party! It was pretty cool... they have this thing that you set the ball on for the little bitty kids and they push the ball down onto the lane. Reese got her very first STRIKE!!! Then she played ski ball and various sorts of arcade games. In the end she left with enough tickets for a Dora purse. She loved it so much she took her nap with it. I am sure you will be seeing that thing in some pictures because she doesn't want to let it out of her sight. Remme had fun too, looking at all the lights and listening to all the loud noises. Remme and Reese had matching outfits on and they looked so cute. They are going to kill me when they grow up for dressing them alike all the time.

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