Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Little Bo Peep and the Cutest Sheep
Happy Baby!
Cousin Jared and Reese
Posing with Pa-Pa
Posing with Nana
Going for a ride!
Pa-Pa taking me door to door
Wow! Look at all this candy!!!

We had such a great Halloween and we hope you did too! My Little Bo Peep and my Littlest Sheep looked so cute all dressed up.

We started the weekend off great! Nana came to visit on Thursday night. She got to the housearound 7:30 or so and Reese just did not feel like she had enough time with her before going to bed. She was really worried that she would not still be here when she woke up so she kept asking if Nana was sleeping on the couch. Just to make sure that she was still around, Reese woke up in the middle of the night calling out to Nana. Friday, Daddy came home early and we carved our pumpkin together. Reese does not like getting her hands dirty so she took one look inside that pumpkin and then would not go near it. We decided to get into our costumes and take some pictures and then it was off to a friends house to trick or treat. The first house we went to Reese was scared, but with the power of candy, she started doing great! Towards the end of the night she got tired and wanted to ride with Pa-Pa. He gladly took her door to door for some more candy. When we got home and after bath time, it was time to go through all the candy!
We had a great weekend!

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Heather said...

How cute are they!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you all had fun. See you on Thursday.