Thursday, February 19, 2009


Reese is just the most adorable thing ever! A few days ago, Reese was getting ready to go to her preschool for the day. She ran in her room and told me that she wanted to wear her sunglasses to school, like her friend, Emily. (aka Emawee) I told Reese that Everyone is special and that Emily is special because she gets to wear glasses to make her see better! I explained that her glasses were different than sunglasses... I told her again that everyone is special in some way. I asked her, "Do you know why Daddy is special?" She said with the upmost certainty, "Daddy has one hand!" I then said, "THAT'S RIGHT!" I couldn't believe that popped out of her mouth. We have never sat down and had a talk about it before. So then I said, "Why is Pa-Pa special?" She replied, "Because Pa-Pa has TWO HANDS!" I told her that she was right, but that he is also very special because he get to ride in a special chair and give rides to her and Remme. It went on and on! It was the cutest thing ever! Now she goes around saying that she is special because she has two hands! Kids...gotta love them!

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Erin said...

Haha! That is priceless! She's also special because she wears her fancy sunglasses upside down! What a cutie pie. We need to get together soon!!!